Jeff SteinChief Marketing Officer

Jeff Stein joined Priority as its Chief Marketing Officer in July of 2018. Stein has a long history in the marketing and advertising industry, as well as being deeply involved in technology and Internet business since the early 1990’s. Founder and Creative Director of the breakout interactive design and branding agency – Chameleon – Jeff led the company through a growth arc that resulted in it being acquired by the publicly traded KP:C Greenstone Roberts and saw him made a partner and Chief Creative Officer. After starting and selling three more agencies over a 10-year span, he then changed course and pursued a path in private equity and technology startups – capitalizing, mentoring and participating in over a dozen ventures in industries ranging from internet gaming and social media promotion to consumer-facing technology for hospitality venues and patient therapy compliance programs for large healthcare concerns. Prior to assuming his position with Priority, Stein was founder and President of the e|tab online ordering platform and a strategic advisor to Priority in the software integrated payments space.