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Innovative Payment Solutions

Passport is a Priority platform that provides a simple, integrated banking and payments infrastructure for the merchants’ ecosystem. It features banking service APIs and a complete, end-to-end solution to collect, store and send money at scale with full regulatory compliance. Passport provides an agile and a secure platform to onboard individual and business customers and supports them in conducting and managing financial transactions, using various major payment instruments such as Card, ACH, Check and Wires. The platform caters to the needs of individuals or businesses that look for a robust system supporting: Efficient and automated disbursement of funds
  • Fee collection and split payment capabilities
  • Virtual account setup and KYC
  • Smooth ledgering and reconciliation
  • Operations infrastructure for compliance, payments & customer support

//: Innovative Payment Solutions Features

  • Simple APIs to solve complex workflows (collect, store and send money) — Simple Rest APIs that are powerful to design any complex funds movement workflow supported by nationwide MTLs
  • Single virtual ledger for having one view of the customers — Eases reconciliation to allow “closing your books” daily or even more frequently — Automated workflow to build your workflow with confidence
  • Built for the future — Modular architecture allows for adding new payment rails quickly — Co-innovate with external ecosystems
  • Time tested and Improving Continuously — Priority existing products utilize Passport and are thriving and stay current with changing regulatory requirements
  • Talented and mature Fintech Operations Resource pool to support your journey

//: Passport

//: Passport Architecture



Choose Your Own Adventure…
  • Simple APIs that are Functionally Rich
  • Component Design Allows for Configuration at Level You Want
  • Pick & Choose Services You Need


Even the Sky is Not the Limit…
  • Nationwide Money Transmission Licenses
  • Cloud Native Microservice Architecture
  • Scales with Your Needs


Compliant, Security First Infrastructure & Operations
  • Data Events Processed Against Fraud Rulesets
  • Automated Reconciliation
  • SOC Operations with Ml, AI & UEBA
  • 99.999% Uptime Target
  • Multidatacenter

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