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Industry analysts estimate that business-to-business (B2B) payments currently account for over $120 trillion in in annual payment flow on a global basis. This figure is anticipated to reach $200 trillion over the next decade; representing a marketplace over five times the volume of the retail payments space.

To put this opportunity into perspective: in the United States alone, over 50% of the B2B volume is still remitted by paper checks, which can cost businesses up to $22 per instance to process. In fact, it is estimated that businesses incur over $2.7 trillion in annual B2B administrative costs – 80% of which is paid by small business. Technology has the potential to cut these costs by up to 75%, meaning there is a potential $1.5 trillion opportunity for those that can bring solutions to bear against this challenge: enter Priority Commercial Payments and our proprietary CPX platform.

In order to maximize the ability to address the specific needs and challenges of customers in this burgeoning marketplace, the Priority team has developed a comprehensive suite of software tools focused on AP Automation, along with a list of complementary products and services, including: virtual and physical card issuing; B2B payment acquiring; automated clearing house (ACH) platforms; and curated managed services for commercial acceptance and program activation.

Priority Commercial Payments is leading the way in the transformation to digital B2B payments with fully integrated, agile and scalable technology, coupled with industry expertise and a consultative approach to engagement. Directly, and in partnership with financial institutions, card networks, and enterprise clients, we are unleashing the potential of value creation through commercial payments automation.

An industry leader in Accounts Payable Automation, our proprietary CPX platform offers a comprehensive suite of traditional and transitional payment technologies to provide end-to-end solutions, including full ERP integration; thus allowing the automation and management of all accounts payable through a single payment file. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE We understand the challenges of adoption and activation of client payments programs, which is why we offer a full range of supplier enablement services. Our teams analyze unique business requirements, design customized programs, execute on key deliverables and track/report on program efficacy and optimization options. COMMERCIAL ACCEPTANCE Card issuing capabilities greatly extend the value proposition offered to our clients by affording a wide array of options for purchase, travel, procurement, fleet, payroll, etc. Whether virtual card or physical plastic, we can service commercial transactions, provide prepaid debit or help achieve 100% automated, paperless payroll. CARD SOLUTIONS


Our leadership position in commercial payments is anchored by two core technologies that give us a strong platform for AP Automation solutions and fully integrated ACH payment capabilities.

Commercial Payments Platform Driving Automation, Efficiency + Revenue
The agile payments architecture of the Priority CPX suite of payment solutions was purpose-built to satisfy the needs of commercial clients and support seamless collaboration with their suppliers.

Fully functional, Integrated and Customizable ACH Platform
ACH.COM is one of the few processors in the nation entrusted with a Fed Terminal onsite, giving customers earlier responses and exception handling with the latest possible cut-off times.

“The team at Priority Commercial Payments brings a level of problem-solving expertise, transparency and commitment to our clients that allow us to transcend the role of ‘vendor’ – instead forming meaningful relationships of trust and rapport with our partners and customers.”


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