Over 200,000 merchants rely on Priority to process over 590 million transactions, representing $55 billion in payments processed on an annual basis.

While those numbers are noteworthy and we are certainly proud of the growth and success we have created, there is far more to the story of Priority than a strong book of business and a solid balance sheet. In fact, those numbers are simply the results – perhaps better said, the “outcomes”  –  of an unwavering focus on building a company that provides far more to clients and partners than the ability to take or make payments; we create value that extends beyond payments, enhancing the businesses of our clients with payment adjacent services, industry-leading customer care and technology that is changing the way businesses think about transacting in the modern world.

To create a business that is truly different requires approaching it in a fundamentally different way than the landscape of our competitors. The culture we have established (and continue to refine and improve) places a high priority on innovation, and this shows in our proprietary technologies as well as business practices. We also place emphasis on fostering an environment of collaboration and cross-pollination between our business units and teams, all of which strengthen the overall business. We encourage our teams to bring fresh ideas to the table – oftentimes ideas that originate outside of the payments space, but with high potential for applicability or positive impact. This willingness to think outside the payments box has resulted in Priority becoming the 6th largest non-bank acquirer in the United States, and a company to watch as we move towards our future.

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